I want to be neater.

I want to be cuter. 

I want to be at your venue.

I want to be more comfortable. 

I want to be more upscale. 


Upcycled Chopsticks Canoe
Japanese artist Shuhei Ogawara, a retired city hall employee in the Fukushima Prefecture, has spent two years gluing 7382 used chopsticks into a 66 pound, 13’-4” canoe, and coated it with a polyester resin coat. Incredible work that needs a lot of patience!


I want to be a world traveler. 


DIY recycle can project. 

Depending on your bathroom or room you wish to make this for:

1. Find cloth or paper to cut out and cover your can with 

****puncture a hole in bottom with a hammer and medium size nail****

2. Use Modge podge or other craft glue

3. Carefully layout your design BEFORE gluing

4. Apply thin layer of glue to just the side you are working on…lay down design-wait-let it dry and then do the same on all sides until can is covered.

5. You can finish the top with ribbon, rope, glitter, etc. You can use a glue gun for heavier stuff, like rope, or regular glue for stuff like glitter.

6. Dry completely! Hang

I want to be ladylike. 


Klipsch Subwoofer Pet House
a recycled Klipsch subwoofer that has been detailed with upholstered walls, a plush carpet, speaker drivers for awesome feet, and your pet’s name in wood letters on the headboard

I want to be safe and sound. 

  • Camera : Olympus E-600
  • Aperture : f/10
  • Exposure : 1/3th
  • Focal Length : 31mm


Pay phone booth repurposed as a tiny library — a “take a book, leave a book” little free library. 

I LOVE THIS — a creative reuse and community win!

This micro-library sits in Houston, Texas, outside local coffee house Black Hole — with a laundromat next door — near the University of St. Thomas and Houston’s Museum District.

(photo by me, Houston-based Unconsumptioneer, mollyblock

Earlier Unconsumption posts on creative new uses for pay phones and phone booths can be found here, and library-related items here

I want to be a wealth of information. 

I want to be tougher.