I want to be in the grass again.

I want to be fun on a stick. 

I want to be unmatched. (via Mashable)

I want to be present.

I want to be shady.

  • Camera : SONY DSC-H20
  • Aperture : f/3.5
  • Exposure : 1/30th
  • Focal Length : 6mm

I want to be seated.


Nirit Levav Packer is an Israeli sculptress who uses old bicycle chains and gears, and sometimes other parts as well, to create delightful and impressively realistic dog sculptures.

Thus far she has made 25 life-size dog sculptures using recycled bike parts. Click here to view them all.

[via Design Taxi]

I want to be man’s best friend.

I want to serve you for millions of years.

(via ThreeLittleMonkeys)

I want to be punctual.

I want to be more playful. (via MyPoppet)